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COVID-19 has affected global industries like nothing anyone has ever seen.

Plaintiff’s attorneys are filing lawsuits on behalf of visitors and employees around the world.  Employee labor unions are using perceived lapses in COVID-19 practices and procedures as leverage in their negotiations over employee health and safety.  Commercial insurance companies are fighting back against business interruption claims, so companies of all types and sizes have a vested interest in getting things “right” regarding COVID-19.

To help the hospitality industry get back on its feet, QP3 ErgoSystems has developed an independent COVID-19 Hazard Assessment and Best Practices Certification Audit. 

QP3 - General Industry Covid-19

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OSHA and the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) in the United States are recommending that companies of all types conduct COVID-19 Hazard Assessments 

QP3 - Covid-19 Assessments

Hazard assessments are best conducted by third-parties who not only understand COVID-19, but also have experience in other areas of employee health & safety, who have a keen eye for identifying opportunities for improvement, and who have decades of experience auditing and assessing risks to employees, guests and visitors in companies of all kinds.

Our team has conducted thousands of assessments, has worked all over the world, and understands the challenge faced by companies everywhere.  The QP3 COVID-19 audit process includes a program & practices review and focuses on employee interaction in common areas and on manufacturing and processing areas of all kinds

This audit process also comes with a digital certification badge for companies scoring 90% or better on the audit, along with an adhesive one for public display. 

This process can be applied to facilities from ten employees to thousands,

Investing in an independent audit can help your company reap dividends including improved employee relations, compliance with local, state and federal requirements, and improved supply chain reliability, not to mention the potential reduction in general liability.

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QP3 - Covid-19 Assessments

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